Common Home Inspection Problems in Minnesota

Home inspections often result in surprise findings.  On the other hand, there are several common concerns that are mentioned.  If you want, as soon-to-be seller, you can check into a few of the common “issues” and address them if necessary!  Here are a couple examples.

·          Furnaces.  Home inspectors are very skittish here.  They do not want to be liable for a dangerous furnace.  If they see the slightest potential for an issue, they will recommend a furnace inspection by a HVAC person.  They will point this out to the buyer.  As a seller, you can get ahead of this issue by having the HVAC person clean/tune/inspect your furnace just prior to listing.  The HVAC person provides you with a legible detailed invoice.  Now you can provide that to the buyer and their inspector.

·         Chimneys/Fireplaces.  I am seeing this called more frequently on houses built in the mid 1960’s to late 1970’s.  But it could be any year.  If they notice loose or missing brick on the chimney usually near the top or if they notice any potential crack or loose concrete in the chimney liner, they will advise the buyer to have the chimney inspected.  This can be a very expensive issue!  As a seller, you could choose to have the chimney inspected prior to the listing.  I can assist you with this matter!

If you are planning to sell your property this spring, please contact me now!  I will help you with pricing and recommendations for pre-listing tasks!